October 14, 2019

I launched a Chrome extension

Peter Coles @mrcoles

I was in a predicament where I was responsible for making and printing out a poster for an event, but I had made the mistake of building my design as a webpage. I quickly realized that webpages do not print out the way they look on your screen. So, I then checked the Chrome web store, assuming that there must be an extension that will screenshot a full webpage for me. I quickly discovered that all the extensions I tried failed to properly stitch the various sections of the page together. So, as a foolhardy software developer, I decided to keep marching forward and wrote my own Chrome extension to screenshot a full webpage. "Full Page Screenshot" was already taken, so I named it "Full Page Screen Capture" (very creative, right?)

I posted the initial code on github, wrote a blog post here: https://mrcoles.com/full-page-screen-capture-chrome-extension/ and so began the story of Full Page Screen Capture 🤓