October 23, 2019

Sent 3rd invoice to paying customer

Stefan Wuthrich @altafino

Somehow, last weeks finally I got some attention of recruiters of Full-Stack Developer Roles and now the 3rd customer for the paid Pro Package ( Monese UK )
It's not the thing getting me rich but at least finally proof's somehow, that it works, recruiters are willing to pay (all 3 choose the more expensive package)

I will continue to do my daily Social Media Job Posts, daily quality checks the aggregated jobs and i will see if it gets some more track on https://fullstackjob.com


  1. 2

    Great job. Definitely a good sign when folks start paying!

    I'd also take a look at where you found those recruiters and see if there is any data to help find more like them :)

    1. 1

      Thank you. Yeah, good point to get this important feedback

  2. 1

    Congratulations! 🎊 I can totally relate to the fact that it’s a HUGE milestone!

    Btw, how long did it take you to get there?

    1. 1

      Thanks. To long... About 7 months, got this 3 all in last 30 days

      1. 1

        What in your opinion finally moved the needle?

        1. 1

          that's the million question :-)
          I asked all 3, 2 answered, both said, that they got an indication of a college. So this college than probably found it somewhere. not very helpful...
          What I continue is daily job posts, seo optimization for google jobs etc...
          And working on my new project https://www.kunvenu.com :-)

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      @csallen please check/block the erectionhacker above ;-)

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    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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