January 16, 2020

Indie Hackers just helped me land a $12K ARR deal

Patrick McCurley @gainsightsPatrick

I posted a question about enterprise pricing, and how to approach it here. I was a little out of my depth having experience with Saas for SMEs and mid-size but not much in terms of negotiating with Enterprise.

This morning I sent a quote to a new prospect for a multiplier of a price than I would have normally. I followed the advice given and quoted annually, threw in the expected extras, and held my breath for the next 4 hours.

Well - the company didn't even blink an eye, they even asked for a few more things to be added to the contract (with an extra cost of course).

The revenue for this I can put back into marketing and finding more leads, maybe even some dev work. So although this isn't quite a full-time gig just yet, it's one step closer.

Thanks indie hackers. You guys rock.

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