January 16, 2020

Indie Hackers just helped me land a $12K ARR deal

Patrick McCurley @gainsightsPatrick

I posted a question about enterprise pricing, and how to approach it here. I was a little out of my depth having experience with Saas for SMEs and mid-size but not much in terms of negotiating with Enterprise.

This morning I sent a quote to a new prospect for a multiplier of a price than I would have normally. I followed the advice given and quoted annually, threw in the expected extras, and held my breath for the next 4 hours.

Well - the company didn't even blink an eye, they even asked for a few more things to be added to the contract (with an extra cost of course).

The revenue for this I can put back into marketing and finding more leads, maybe even some dev work. So although this isn't quite a full-time gig just yet, it's one step closer.

Thanks indie hackers. You guys rock.

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    Let's hope your client doesn't find this post and then ask for a discount.

    Congrats on the deal!

    1. 2

      Ha, yes, the thought did cross my mind if the name of the company was googled this post might be found.
      Hopefully, the client will be happy in the knowledge they are helping a small company get bigger :)

  2. 2

    Hi Patrick,

    Many congrats on the deal, way to go.

    I was really praying to see someone post an enterprise deal success.
    I mean a product which is for both SMEs and Enterprises. My product is also based in the same segments. I am finding it difficult to sell to Enterprises.
    My product is www.mailnest.io, an all in one Email QA platform for dev & testing teams in IT service/product development companies.

    Can you answer few of my queries.

    1. How did you initiate this enterprise deal sales process? was it offline or online?
    2. In which level was your client's point of contact? Was it a VP,a project Mgr etc
    3. How did you quantify the client's ROI increase if they use GA-Insights?
    4. Was it more features you offered to the client (enterprise) compared to the SME clients, or was the price (12k$) based on number of users, keeping the features same?


    1. 2

      Hey! Thanks for the message. I'll answer most of the questions, but I'll PM you any details that might give the identity of the company away.

      1. We have a clear 'Talk to us' page and a link from our pricing table. It integrates with a scheduler and clients can use to book a 30-minute call with me. I have integrated it with Zoom to make it seamless. Most of our enterprise sales follow this funnel.

      2. Mid-level decision-maker, not VP as far as I'm aware. I'm not sure it matters, we have landed enterprise deals from all the way up and down the ladder. If the person we speak to doesn't have decision making power then they run it up the ladder and we hear back.

      3. Really difficult. I guessed based on recording their requirements, use cases and how the business was likely to be tackling the problem right now without us. I don't know if I got it just right, as someone else mentioned perhaps I could have gone higher, but I'm overall happy with the result.

      4. I offered a host of enterprise based features as well, such as reliable infrastructure, uptime guarantees, and some other features. See our pricing table, some features max out at a certain level, which pushes larger companies into our enterprise funnel.
        Also, check out the original post I listed where I was asking for help with pricing for enterprise, there were some great answers of what features to push and what is expected for larger companies, I hope that helps.

      1. 1

        Thanks Patrick for your time. Much appreciated.
        Can we get in touch over your email. I assume I can ask your help for advise.

        1. 1

          Sure can. patrick@ga-insights.com

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    Congratulations Patrick. The lesson learned here is that for the right solution and value, no amount is too big. Clearly, this client saw value worth $12K and they agreed. Now go crush it!!

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    Congrats cant wait to see where you take this

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    Congrats, and what an amazing product you've got!

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    I've just read your first post. I'm really happy, that it went well for you and that IH can provide such a great support. 👍

  7. 2

    Happy to help ;)

    1. 1

      And I just tweeted it, but couldn't couldn't find a Twitter account to tag you into. A good time to start one or comment on the Tweet if you do have one? :D

      1. 1

        Got there! A little late though :) @InsightsGa

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    Woohoo! 🙌

  9. 1

    Wow! Congrats man. This is awesome!

    1. 2

      Would you mind linking back to the post that you originally made here?

      1. 1

        Sorry missed this. No not at all - that's fine.

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    Wow! That’s exciting! Really difficult for a smaller business to break into the enterprise space too, I’m impressed!

  11. 1

    Very cool! The fact that they didn't blink an eye is probably an indication that you could go even higher next time. :)

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    Congrats! Wake up EVERY day and show this client value.

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    Congrats! I'm jealous. 😁

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