Rejected by TinySeed

When I received this letter, I was blown away. The TinySeed folks has rejected GGLOT and didn't even care to provide feedback!

Here is their letter:

"Hi Alex ,

Thank you so much for taking the time to apply to TinySeed.

We’re sorry to say we will not be moving forward with your application at this time. The competition for this batch was intense, and we hope you don’t take this as a reflection of the future success of your business or idea — we had to reject an incredible number of exciting businesses.

Unfortunately, due to the number of applications we receive, we are unable to give individual feedback. It’s worth noting that we encourage everyone to re-apply in future application periods, especially if your business has grown in between. We know we miss great businesses every round, and would love to see you apply again.

Thanks for your interest in TinySeed, and wish you the best of luck moving your business forward.

  • The TinySeed Team"
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    Don't take it personally. You got to remember that TinySeed is a small team that's getting 1000s of applications & inbound leads that needs filtering and qualifying.

    One thing I'm trying to do more of is detaching both positive and negative emotions when applying for accelerators and competitions. Startup life is hard enough. It's not helpful when we allow ourself to be sway by unexpected or disappointed outcomes. It influences our reactions and decisions.

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      Well said. Generally, I never apply for funding in my life. I bootstrap and I hope I am doing it well.
      However, rejected by TinySeeds made me feel worse than I am. As if I am some kind of disposable material. I'd rather reject them, lol.
      But it is what it is. Let's stay positive and focus on better things. We just broke a new monthly record. 3,000,000 words transcribed in one month!

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        "rejected by TinySeeds made me feel worse than I am. As if I am some kind of disposable material. I'd rather reject them"

        Remove TinySeed (or any org) out of the equation and do some self-reflection on why that's your default belief & response. Then reverse engineer your habits for better understanding and a healthier self-image. Our minds and hearts dictates everything we do.

        Good luck & much success and joy on your journey!

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