October 22, 2019

Ghost 3.0

John O'Nolan @johnonolan

A new business model for publishing, a more powerful headless CMS and a refined publishing experience.

Ghost is about 6 years old now, and this is the biggest release we've done since the original launch. The company is structured as an Indie Non-profit organisation, and everything we do is released as open source.

3.0 is a big step in a new direction for us, enabling indie publishing businesses to be created with a really easy way to spin up a recurring revenue members website using stripe — and it's open source, so you own every part of it. This may come in handy for indie makers who are looking to launch an MVP with simple billing without having to build a whole platform, too :)

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    You guys are doing incredible work (I recently enjoyed taking part in a Ghostathon here in Melbourne). Despite having used Wordpress over the last 9 years to slowly grow geekymedics.com to over 1.5 million views a month, Ghost's new membership functionality has me contemplating the big switch! Very exciting stuff guys!

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      Glad to hear it! Really appreciate the kind words :)

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    Ghost 3.0 is so awesome, I'm just starting to build a theme for it.

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    This is just too awesome!!!!

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    Ive been using Ghost on sysadmins.co.za for about 3 years now. Absolutely amazing. And super stoked for v3

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    Keep fighting the good fight @johnonolan

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    It looks awesome John, I keep fingers crossed for Ghost. Thanks for sharing! :)

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    This is awesome, so excited to hear this news! I use Ghost for work and love the platform.

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    I've never used Ghost, but when I need a cms platform, I'll be giving it a try. Nice to see it progressing.

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    I have been using Ghost for about 3 months & I love it.
    One challenge I face is building the subscriber base which consists of a niche audience interested in data science, economics & tech. Would be nice if Ghost could introduce something like a community platform where people could just browse & check out all sites running on Ghost Pro, sorted by category: @johnonolan. Will just help ppl build their publications faster!

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    this indie creator is v. grateful! i've been tinkering around today on Ghost and I love it... I thought it'd be too complicated for me as a non-coder, but I'm managing (for now). Looks like I'm about to make the switch over from my existing newsletter platform... thank you!

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    Using Ghost for my work at the moment and found it to be one of the best sites for blogging

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    I have used 1.0 version engine for my first blog, it was an incredible experience. I'm really happy to see you guys achieve so much since then.
    Keep going!

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    Boy am I surprised to log in here and see this post. :)

    Been using Ghost since about 2015 for https://shainabrown.com and my company blog: https://blog.quenk.com . I can't lie, the reduced features compared to a traditional CMS has been a stumbling block for me but Ghost's simplicity makes it a joy to log into and use.

    You don't get burned out by having to navigate a bunch of menus and plugins that lack cohesiveness. I think niche CMSes needs to become the new norm.

    I also really appreciate it being available as I work mostly in Node.js environments.

    Congrats and keep up the great work!

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    Great tools, I have used it to build my content website.

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    I've never heard about Ghost! Thx for sharing!

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    Website states it's open source but there is a monthly subscription cost. Open source should be free software, right? I am confused :/

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      Hey, not exactly! Open source means the source code for the project is on the open for everyone to see and contribute. Which means you are free to take the code, host it on your own infrastructure and serve your blog from there, free of charge!

      The monthly subscription they offer is for you to run your blog on Ghosts infrastructure, meaning you just have to press a few buttons, and you have a blog for the world to read.

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        Thanks orgmir for explaining this, that makes sense.

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