The Company behind Gimbalst has been created

It was becoming important to have a legal structure behind Gimbalst, as money will start to be collected mid-september.

So I founded a sole entrepreneurship in switzerland, where I leave, to be able to manage all this.

Soon follows up meeting with accountants to understand what is going on tax wise. My main fear revoles around VAT for a B2B business.

Comming from Switzerland, I don't have to pay for VAT for the first 100k. But, that is only for my transaction in CH. I need to figure out how it goes for the rest of the world. Is it a per-country. Luckily, with my network, I managed to identify2 companies specialized in that that should be able to help me.

On the app front, I started to implement the design that my art director friend created. and implement the stripe process.

Boring stuff, and scary stuff, but exciting all the same :-D

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