November 18, 2019

TIL you can pay Google Ads $20 for a single click

Viesturs Marnauza @viestursm

Decided to try Google Ads for the first time ever last week. I aimed to see how the system works and whether ads would be a viable driver for Gleebeam sign-ups.

I set up three ad groups based on three separate target audiences I wanted to target. These were

  1. General CRM automation searches
  2. Specific sales deal celebration searches
  3. Employee achievement recognition & celebration searches
    Each of these groups had two ad versions where I varied the copy to see what wording would convert better.

I set my daily spend limit to $10, but I didn't set a click cost limit because I had no frame of reference for how much a click costs. Altogether, I got 55 clicks from 2.5k impressions - some ad groups & keywords did better than others. In total, I spent $85.

I got exactly 0 sign-ups from ads from this.

I learned that

  1. Google Ads are expensive! I was surprised that some of the initial clicks cost around $2 per click. I have no other experience with CPC advertising though so this might as well be expensive only to me!
  2. Google Ads are fun! There's a lot to monitor and optimize in ads and a lot to experiment with. Some ad descriptions convert better than others (for me, it was the phrase 'create delightful moments in the office' that seemed to draw in more traffic based on the sample I got).
  3. Google Ads might not be the best channel for me now. I'll probably leave it on for the most targeted ad group and set a click cost limit to make the costs more controlled. I'll also try to do some minor optimizations for the ad content and then focus on other channels for now - so far all of Gleebeam's sign-ups have come from either organic searches or me reaching out to people directly.

Regarding the title of this post, yeah, right at the end of this experiment I paid $20 for a single click! And what is more, the search term the click came from was 100% irrelevant (it was "celebration garage sale 2019").

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