October 23, 2019

Added a feature that will solve your spam issue

Ajay Goel @RealAjayGoel

I release new features all the time, but this is a big one.

Have you ever prepped an email campaign, send it to a few test addresses you own, only to find that the email is going to Spam?

So you tweak it. Maybe you change the subject line. Maybe you change the text. Maybe you reduce the number of images. You begin a "trial and error" approach until your email makes it to the Inbox.

My new "Spam Solver" does this for you automatically.

It sends, reports, and tweaks Then again, it sends, reports, and tweaks. Keep tweaking until you hit the Inbox.

Read more here: https://www.gmass.co/blog/spam-solver-tweaks-emails/

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