November 24, 2020

I've released the very first alpha version!

Eunjae Lee @eunjae

Yesterday I released the very first alpha version to the 10 alpha testers. We have a dedicated Slack I've started a week or so ago. So far, 4 people have installed it, and I'm starting to get feedback. I really like the velocity so far.

I was thinking of improving the note viewer but according to the feedback, the next minor update is going to be all about graph view.

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    Well done! Also love the attitude of prioritising features your users actually want, rather then just building what you think is best!

    Just be careful you understand the 'job to be done' from the user. What is exactly they are trying to do with the graph view? I go more into that stuff here

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      Wow, that post looks really nice. I'll give it a thorough read later tonight :)
      I'll try my best to analyize their needs and implement what's best for them, not literally what they asked for.

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    Congrats, man! This is a major achievement! Try to get as much quality feedback from those alpha users as you can. They will help lay the foundations of your product.

    Also, I really like your landing page - really clear and simple. Curious how much you plan to charge for this once you release it?

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      Hey thank you so much!
      I'm going to create a pricing page with details including why I'm charging like that, but to give you a brief summary, it's going to be (not 100% sure yet, though) 28 USD, one-time payment.
      I'm not maintaining any server for this app, so it doesn't make any sense to charge them monthly or annually. I will also make it clear that they're paying for what I've already done, not for what I will add in the future. I will continuously provide some updates, but don't guarantee that I can bring new huge functions. If I do it, then it must be v2 and will charge more for upgrade, IMO.
      Does it make sense to you?

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        Yep, seems like a pretty sensible model 👍

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          Thanks. I'll share more updates soon :)

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