August 10, 2020

Experiments run amok


With the major product issues stabilized, the team is steadily shipping user-requested features, squashing bugs, and optimizing our marketing and growth engine.

In particular, it seemed there were considerable experiments underway when we acquired the app. This has been apparent as the marketing site differs from what's in the product, billing plans don't match either product or marketing site, and so on.

Major updates this week:


  • Based on a customer call, we added a new content block ("Link Only") which enables users to create a bulleted list of hyperlinks.


  • Pricing work is on the way (Pricing V1.5) – Currently our marketing site and billing page is communicating different things to customers, there are some alignments that is needed to be done. As we complete user interviews, we're close to finalizing the new model moving forward. Most excitingly, we expect to be able to raise prices for new customers (existing customers get grandfathered in on legacy prices), while still undercutting our competitors. Win-win!
  • In-app we weren't showing premium upgrades to users on lower tiers. We shipped an update to fix this, which is expected to increase upgrades.
  • We have pushed out a new set of site changes on the marketing site. Impact to signups from the changes seems to be in a good direction.
  • We're still finding and fixing some broken links on the site, along with general SEM tweaks (such as removing /YYYY/MM/DD/ from URL structure and adding 301s)
Today's Top Milestones
  • 22 Days, Hitting 2000 subscribers
    We are at 2026 to be precise for . We still see a very big inflow from reddit when we post a link to the content and the newsletter is s
  • My first sale!!!
    Woke up this morning to my very first sale.... ever!! It looks as if they came from Product Hunt. I put up a little launch post yesterday to see if it
  • Build site with your own database
    I've recently added Connect feature, which users can connect to their own database for dynamic content. This feature allows users to manage their own
  • 523% spike in sales of zubbit
    The new version of appears to be popular with the people we are getting to look at it. We've had an increase of 523% in sales compared to th
  • Launched on Producthunt
    Today I launched my first project on producthunt: Yesterday I published the site on hackernews
  • Announcing Server Template for Busy Hackers!
    Hosting multiple apps on a PaaS like Heroku can quickly add up in costs. Not to mention the hidden cost of scaling. If one of your apps starts gaining
  • New free trial without credit card
    In order to allow everyone to try Satiurn, eliminating all the problems at the entrance, we have added an additional trial plan that does not require
  • BlockSurvey is LIVE on PH 🚀
    Excited to launch BlockSurvey on Product Hunt after 12 months of work. Link 👉 BlockSurvey is a privac
  • Got featured on today
    Today my first saas product got featured on saashub and currently at number 8 wow, it's a great milestone for me. Also, I got a lot of
  • Launched the Core Web Vitals testing Tool.
    You can use the Core Web Vitals checker to see if your website is ready for the upcoming Google 2021 Ranking update. This tool is built with the offic