January 14, 2020

A look at Jira user complaints

Christoffer Artmann @ProudCherry131

As Jira is the biggest player in when it comes to project management for software projects, I thought it might be valuable to look at what people dislike about it. This way I can hopefully find opportunities where Gooose can shine as an alternative.

After collecting opinions and reviews from different places of the internet and summarizing them, here's what people dislike about Jira.

  • It doesn't support an Agile work environment.
  • It's hard to follow a project or initiative on a macro scale.
  • Jira is to complex which hinders usability.
  • Even though it seems like Jira has every feature imaginable,
    there are still users missing features
  • The UI/UX are clumsy, unclear and inconsistent.
  • It's super slow.
  • Atlassian is not helpful at all.

Writing these bullet points, it feels very familiar with my own experience using tools like Jira and what I want to accomplish with Gooose.

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