October 15, 2019

Created Product Video

Juan Irache @JuanIrache

Ironically, I was so busy coding that that my GoPro-focused product did not have a product video. I spent the last days solving that.


I put toghether some pre-existing GoPro footage and some more that collaborators sent me, I used my two main products (Telemetry Extractor and After Effects template) to create the video itself.

I also created a couple of tutorials that can easen the learning curve quite a bit ( https://youtu.be/zTpGznyhegs?list=PLgoeWSWqXedJto7TAtMDM_NBXEkw-F6Y4 ) and redesigned the sales page ( https://goprotelemetryextractor.com/#ae ).

I suspect all this has played some role in the recent increase in sales. I am probably around "ramen-profitability" in my second month after releasing the paid version. Another positive note is that feedback from buyers has been extremely good. They are all happy, nice and polite, and getting to know how people use your products feels great.