November 30, 2019

Did I create a cheaper competitor to my product?

Juan Irache @JuanIrache

New Product: GoPro GPS Quick Fix.

While providing support to the GoPro community as part of the activities I do with the GoPro Telemetry Extractor, I realized many GoPro users arrive at the forums in search of a solution to a common problem: The GoPro video editing software would not display their performance gauges (GPS and forces). My software solved the needs of a fraction of those users by converting the telemetry data into a series of formats that can be read by a myriad of other software, video editing or not.

Still, most users would like to keep using GoPro software, so I decided to redirect my learnings on the matter and create a smaller tool that modifies the video files to artificially "amplify" the GPS signal, so that the official software reads and displays it.

Just three months ago I was releasing my flagship product after two years of it being a pet project. I wasn't sure this was a viable idea. Now I'm unexpectedly releasing the 4th product in the series, and looking forward to more of them.

And answering to my own initial question, I believe each tool meets a different need. GPS Quick Fix tries to ease the workflow of consumer users, while the Telemetry Extractor is a Swiss army knife that empowers prosumers and pofessionals to do much more with their videos and data. So hopefully I'm expanding the market.

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