October 29, 2019

Tripled revenue in a month

Juan Irache @JuanIrache

When I launched, I was expecting to make most of my sales immediately and then fall flat. I knew some users of the free app were waiting for the Premium one. Instead, sales were slightly underwhelming on the first days (beginning of September).

In October, following a series of improvements and scheduled actions, sales have surprised me for the better.

Things I believe helped:

  • Creating videos: This is a video focused app, so since I launched the promotional video conversion rates have improved a lot. Video tutorials also seem to generate trust.
  • Revamping the sales site: I created the sales site in a rush. It didn't look good. This month I found some time to redesign it into something more appealing.
  • Free support and online presence: I have been active on the GoPro forums helping people that need assistance with their GPS data. Some of them have bought the Premium app.
  • Word of mouth: Some premium users told me someone else recommended the product to them.
  • New minor product: I created After Effects templates to visualise the GoPro data, they haven't sold as well as the main product (they got rejected in the main template marketplace), but I think they might attract a new kind of audience.

Things that didn't help:

  • Product Hunt launch: I don't use the platform, I don't know it well, so I decided to just create a post with the existing marketing materials and see what happened, instead of spending precious time trying to understand it and prepare specific content. I think I got 1 or 2 likes and nothing more. Nothing lost there anyway.
  • Email marketing: As a test, I emailed a bunch (20?) of companies that use GoPro professionally, to see if they would be interested in the product. I think they are good potential clients. Only one responded, with a question only tangentially related to the product. The volume is not high enough to draw conclusions, but I might have to tailor the content more towards these companies needs.

Things left to do:

  • I think the product is fun for GoPro geeks, I should reach out to video-production influencers that use GoPros in fun ways and try to collaborate with them.
  • Other ideas are welcome.

Other great takeaways:

  • Many support requests turn into a new feature or a fixed bug. Clients are also a pleasure to deal with. I think the key is to behave like a normal human being, not pretending you are a company... and caring about them.
  • Some companies are getting in touch asking for customised versions of the app. This is creating new business opportunities.
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