$100k Revenue (as a Solopreneur)

It's not quite the billion dollar exit that you'd read about on TechCrunch but as a solo indie hacker, this is a significant milestone for me.

Here's the full timeline:

2018: I started Gravity as an accidental side project to scratch my own itch and made a whopping total of $396 in revenue.

2019: I released a few updates and made enough passive income to cover rent and beer tokens.

2020: I started to focus my energy on it as my previous company was put on hold because of covid. I worked hard on the product + distribution.

2021: Revenue is now $100k+ and growing 100% YTD.

The best part is I'm a solo founder with no employees, no funding and spending nothing on marketing.

I'm certainly not special – anyone here can do this with the right opportunity :)

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    Awesome! Well done and congratulation! What did you learn during the process? For instance: why did you go with this idea? And what was the hardest part?

    1. 1

      Thanks Jesper. I initially built a boilerplate to help me accelerate the development of my own products, and it quickly drew interest from other developers.

      The biggest challenge is testing.

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    this is so great! i'm a solopreneur right now too... i'm the only full-time employee and it's the best!

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    Congratulations! What helped you scale revenue? What helped with distribution?

  4. 1

    This is encouraging.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Congrats Kyle! I've been following along with you and Gravity for a long time and - as the maker of a similar product - it's been inspiring and helpful to see your progress over time.

    Keep it up and thanks for sharing!

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    Your app looks quite good. Though I love to code and wouldn't miss the opportunity to gain experience building everything on my own. But if I hadn't both backend and frontend experience or if I needed an app up und running quickly I would definitely check out your service.

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    Congratulations Kyle! That's great to hear.

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    Congrats! I remember seeing this a while ago, I think around 2019.

    Funny to think that a boilerplate could generate such high revenue.

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    Brilliant ! Congratulations!

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