Plan for Mailwip add-ons: Serverless for email

Email is a great distributed protocol, anyone can send you an email and you can send anyone an email, without relying on a centralize service.

Many services are use email as a form to communicate data changes to the system. Such as banking receipt, or alert about state of system.

Will it be cool to give our users the ability to run user uploaded code to take actions on their incoming emails?

We have built webhook for that exact reasons, but with Webhook, you have to write code, deploy the webhook handler to somewhere.

We want to help make that even easier? We're working on an "Addons" platform, that allow you to install add-ons which are written by anyone, similar to how Chrome extensions work.

Those code can run and process email however you like. If you're interested in that kind of platform, email us at [email protected] to enrolled to the wait list.

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