January 18, 2021

New blog content


The last 2 weeks were very intensive for @handypolls team.

@yongfook wrote that he spent a week developing new features and then write content about them.
We decided to do the same. We already have some useful features but our users don't know how to use them or even don't know that we have these features.

We wrote up a lot of content for our blog about how to use our embed polls feature.


Medium, Webflow, Ghost, Squarespace, Substack.
If you use any of these platforms you can now use @handypolls!

And we have adapted polls for WhatsApp.

All new content already indexed by search systems and we are hoping to see new users how are looking for a simple poll tool :)

Today's Top Milestones
  • Finished MVP 🏗
    Having a full-time job, friends, and girlfriend that I want to spend time with, it took me 1 month to finish the beta version of this project. I chose
  • Launched!
    Today I put up my website, and started sharing it with friends and other groups. This is an extremely quick and dirty MVP. I'll see if I get any sign-
  • Launched Marketing Page
    The app itself is making good progress, but I wanted to get a place up where I can send those who are interested in being my guinea pigs. I'd original
  • MyChat + Asterisk = Done!
  • Product update 0.3 for WindyBlocks
    WindyBlocks update 0.3 - 40 new Tailwind CSS components - 5 real world page examples - New pricing on 1st March I feel that it's time for a price incr
  • Reached 200 free subscribers
    Getting people to consistently share the newsletter and writing content that appeals to a broader audience has helped. I've been able to double the su
  • MVP Soft Launch
    Over the last few months, Ive been building CastCloud.fm to reach a Minimum Viable Product state. Since CastCloud.fm happens to be a podcast host, it
  • Over $3k in revenue this month
    Over $3k in revenue this month from our new product - things.morflax.com 🥳And it was only pre-release! - Sold over 90-lifetime deals - $3k revenue -
  • First 2 months, infra in place
    Been working on the bots for years but now the time has come to show them there's a fair bit of groundwork to cover. The site is in place. I used Hugo