December 18, 2019

Released Hevy Pro ๐Ÿ‘‘


After 6 months of iterating on the free product, we felt Hevy was robust enough to start offering a Pro version with a paid subscription.nThe first step to making Hevy a viable business.

Our main priority with the first release was "don't be a douche". A lot of apps shove their paywall down your throat and constantly remind you how much you're missing out on by using the free version. Since we're trying to build a community, our free users are super important to us and we don't want to discourage them from using the app.

That said, we'll have to obviously find a balance between having a compelling enough Pro experience so that users convert. At the same time, not taking away too much from the free experience so our community can thrive.

That balancing act starts today.

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