October 2, 2019

Had a successful Q3!

Jessime @jessime

What a crazy 3 months! Basically started at 0, and now have a fully functioning product.


  • Stabilized the core functionality on desktop and mobile.
    • At this point, small bug fixes and addressing user suggestions are the only changes
  • Wrote a basic blog for hosting material
  • Created a solid landing page
    • Kimiko designed some awesome iconography
  • Google analytics is set up
  • Built hier_client for terminal use.


Went from "I can personally use Hier if I don't click too many things." at the beginning of July, to having multiple active users (some of which I don't even know), at the end of September. That's pretty great.

  • Currently have 26 registered users. Started at 1.
    • Still early on the marketing side of things though, and a lot of effort and progress needed there moving forward.
  • Launched on Anvil and IndieHackers


  • Have built a lot of the pieces for payments, but everything is still free while we're in Beta.
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