November 27, 2019

November Retrospective + 6th Anniversary

Josh Sherman @joshtronic

After last month's little discount snafu, I started this month feeling a bit off my game.

I've been spending LESS TIME working on the weekends, which has been good, but the obvious adverse feeling is that I'm not getting enough done.

With that, I've been focusing more and more on "being the entrepreneur" instead of "being the engineer" as my buddy @collinbrewer is always reminding me.

By focusing on building the business instead of letting myself get dragged into the cycle of doing DevOps type things that aren't going to move the needle. Because of that, even though I'm spending less time on the weekends working, the time I am spending has been significantly more impactful.

Such impactfulness (spell check says that's not a word, but I don't care) has resulted in another month of stellar growth thanks to even more customer conversations and yet another round of clarifying / improving our brand message.

Clarifying the message and cutting through the noise has also helped shaped the vision of what we can accomplish with this product in both the short term (12-18 months) and long term (that 5+ year plan).

It's easy to have some pie in the sky vision when you start a project. Just throwing some random number out there that's based on obtaining some percentage of a gazillion dollar market and all of that.

Once you dig in, it's never as easy as it seems and it rarely takes as short of a time frame as you may have imagined.

This month actually marks the 6th anniversary of Holiday API, and while it's been a labor of love the entire time, this year has been the year of "taking things seriously" and it's really starting to show in terms of month over month growth.

I couldn't be more thankful this holiday season :)

I'm extremely excited to see where things go in the next 12 months with some of the changes we have planned. It's a bit too early to divulge any details, so yeah... here's to another 6 years!

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