Weekly News - 0th Paying Customer and Open Startup

I decided that HSP should join the Open Startups 😊✨🎈

This means that you can check out HSP's expenses, profit, MRR, active users, paying customers, etc.

The data is currently sort of incomplete and draft, but will be precise and ready within few days. πŸ› 

You can check it out here:

πŸ”— https://hostedstatus.page/open

0th Paying Customer 🀨

It's me! 🀫

Yes, I am paying for my own product. I can't consider myself as the 1st HSP paying customer as the seat is reserved for you, but I do believe every maker should be doing this.

It's not myself who got the idea - I saw it on some guy's GitHub "My stack" list. Unfortunately, I can't remember which one is it. Anyways, kudos to him πŸ™Œ

Other stuff

Cheers! πŸ±β€πŸ

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