December 16, 2019

First paycheck in nearly 3 years!

Devan Sabaratnam @Devan

Well, today was a special day for me. After nearly 3 years of living on saving and my wife having to run 3 part time jobs to support my family, I managed to take the first of what are to be regular paychecks from my startup.

Coming just before the Christmas holidays, this is welcome indeed, and it is a special feeling to have your SaaS product doing well enough that the bank balance keeps increasing every month even after my earnings are taken out.

I made the decision to go all in a couple of years back, and shut down my other consulting business that was generating income for me because it was keeping me from really focusing on HR Partner. That added focus has really helped to maximise how effective my development, sales and marketing energy has translated into new customers and revenue.

Next step - more hiring!

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    Congratulations Devan! That's a good news before the year end and happy to see your effort has come to fruition!

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      Thank you so much! Hey, I was born and raised in Malaysia, and travel to Singapore often. We should catch up at a local IndieHackers meetup there sometime!

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        😂 yea I realized after going through your blog. Let me know next time you’re aroud, we should catchup!