September 6, 2019

Leveraged FB groups to get first 2 paying users!

Verneri Jaamuru @Jaamuru

Never underestimate the value of content and community creation.

tldr: We slowly built a Facebook group to 60+ and got our first customers from launching there.

WE STARTED our Facebook page last year, long before we had any idea of what to build. We made it a point to share and create meaningful content around biohacking and we slowly but organically grew a following. Sharing content from our page to meaningful FB groups seemed to work the best. It's a good idea to join FB groups that are somehow related to the problem that you are trying to solve. It's great for market research as well.

THEN, earlier this year once we decided to narrow in and focus on continuous glucose monitoring we created CGM for Non-diabetics, our own FB group to facilitate conversations with other non-diabetic people testing out and trying CGM's to optimize their lifestyles. It's been incredible to see a slow but steady trickle of people just find their way to our group. Not really sure where they are coming from but I guess something must be resonating with them.

FEW DAYS prior we launched our "product" and only posted about it to our FB page and our FB group. Lo and behold we received a few applications from which today 2 converted into cold hard cash into our paypal account. Incredible feeling. Our margins are incredibly slim at the moment but its a good first step to getting the wheels turning and learning even more about how we can create value for people interested in CGM.

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