December 17, 2019

Hypefury is live! Give your Twitter a boost!

Samy Dindane @samy_

After four months of building the product, helped by the feedback of many amazing users, I am proud to open the gates to Hypefury for everyone.

I am also running a big giveaway on Twitter (free premium accounts and tons of ebooks), in partnership with many personal brands expert, in order to promote Hypefury.

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    Congrats Samy! We're actually using Hypefury today, highly recommend. Samy knows his stuff

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      Thanks for the feedback Kevin! 🙏

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    I use Hypefury. And I LOVE it.

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    How have you found so many customers so quickly? This is insanely impressive progress 👏

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      Thanks Ramy!

      Actually Hypefury makes only ~$500 MRR. The $2k number shown by Stripe includes the yearly subscriptions.

      I've been on Twitter for a while and had some connections.
      I asked my friends to try it, and reached out to many people through cold DMing and introductions from friends.

      I started inviting users in the private since the early days.
      I had (and still have) a Telegram group with the users, that allowed me to keep in touch with them and easily gather feedback.

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        $500 MRR after four months is still very impressive. Building the product and finding customers at the same time is no easy task so what you’ve achieved is super impressive.

        Good luck with the launch and the rest of the journey 🚀

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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