January 21, 2020

Launched HyperCharts Private Financials 🎉

Moe Salih @MoeSalih

HyperCharts started as a way to visualize financial and business metrics of public companies, but we’ve gotten many requests to provide the same charts for any private company. So I’m very excited to finally launch the initial version of Private Financials.

Private Financials will allow anyone to enter the basic financial data of any company and share those financial chart on a dedicated page with Investors, other founders, employees, or even publicly. You can customize the Revenue Segments and Expenses as you need, provide estimates for future performance, set a password that your visitor have to enter to access your financial charts, and more coming soon.

As for pricing, I’ve decided to include Private Financials as part of our existing Premium subscription ($10/month) to start, and for companies with more than $1M in annual revenue you’ll have to upgrade to a new PRO plan for ($50/month).

Learn More 👉 https://hypercharts.co/private

Demo 👉 https://private.hypercharts.co/acme (Password: coyote)

HyperCharts’s own financials 👉 https://private.hypercharts.co/hypercharts

If you’re interested in trying Private Financials out, I’d love to hear any feedback.

And I’m thinking of doing a promo for IndieHackers users: If you share your company’s financials publicly on IndieHackers, I’ll give you access for FREE! Let me know if you’re interested in this.

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