May 1, 2020

Ghost blog is now hosted on main domain


I've finally succeeded in moving our blog to the main domain, which is better for SEO.

We used to have cloud hosting of our blog the "Img Handbook".

The last day of 2019 I tried to move the subdomain to the main domain for the SEO benefits it has. I failed back then.

But now I succeeded! 💪

We are using Cloudflare Workers as a Reverse Proxy & a Digital Ocean droplet of just $5.

Here's the detailed journey:

  • Setup DigitalOcean droplet with self-hosted Ghost CMS & Nginx
  • Migration from Ghost (Pro) cloud hosting to self hosted droplet
  • Configured Cloudflare Workers as Reverse Proxy to the droplet
  • Setup uptime monitoring on droplet
  • Restricted direct access to droplet to Cloudflare, updown & me
  • Setup 301 redirects (had to remove DNS to Ghost Pro first)
  • Initiated site move in Google Search Console

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