September 20, 2020

Posted my MVP on IH to be roasted


Made a post on Indie Hackers to get some feedback on the project, see what others have to say:

No logo
No delete or edit actions
No registration (also kind of a feature as the data is stored in your browser, so no one but you can access it)

Also a bunch of other issues but she is a work in progress

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    hey you use sapper too :D

    1. 1

      Yeah I thought I’d give it a go cause I’m bored with react and if working on a side project might as well make it fun!

      Absolutely loved svelte, it was so easy to learn and it worked so well, sapper was icing on the cake

Today's Top Milestones
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  • Sent "Building Relationships" Email
    Yesterday I sent the second email to the SaaS Manual list. It now has 705 subscribers 🎉 This email covered the importance of building relationships w
  • Added RSS support
    Other We added RSS support: instead of rendering only an HTML page from a template, we render also an XML file in RSS format. It helps with integratio