December 7, 2019

Came up with the idea

Andy Cloke @andycloke

I was searching for side-project inspiration on (now and noticed the trend for 'nano influencer' (influencers with >1k and <10k followers) as a trend. My original idea was to build some sort of discover platform to help brands find these influencers.

Looking at existing platforms and noticed they all seem to be Instagram focused, none covered TikTok despite its growth over the last couple of years. Also noticed that their subscription prices tended to start around $50 and that a lot didn't disclose pricing, so they are clearly a fair bit more than $50. This seems like a healthy existing market with a TikTok-shaped opportunity, but I might be missing something...

Committed to building an MVP, first figuring out how to get the data as that seemed the hardest part, then building a minimal UI on top of it with a mix of free/ premium features.

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