December 12, 2019

First 2 Customers!

Andy Cloke @andycloke

Got 2 customers at $25/ month last night, so up to $50/ MRR! Very happy with that for week 1.

On Monday I got a write up in Social Media Today,, and a few hundred page views from it. I was concerned none of these converted, so I changed my pricing a bit.

Previously I was giving the first 20 results of any results away for free, and offering an unlimited 'Pro' account for $50 / month. I'm now giving only the first 4 results of any search away for free, and offering tiered accounts ($25/$50/$100), based on number of searches/ csv exports. You can see the tiers here:

My thinking, after speaking with a colleague, was that a lot of people running small campaigns can probably get everything they need from the first 20 results, so I needed to add an incentive to sign up to a paid account. I don't know if the customers were a result of this or coincidence, but I'll stick with it for now.

The customers also gave me valuable feedback, which I've acted on:

  1. Stripe emails weren't being sent! Easily fixed:
  2. You could only export 20 accounts at 1 time, raised to 100.
  3. They also requested an account/profile section to do things like change plan/ payment method. So far I've been handling everything through the contact form, but I'll need to add an account section soon.
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