January 7, 2020

Launched on Product Hunt 🚀

Andy Cloke @andycloke

After 4 weeks of steady feature improvement, outreach and my first few customers, I decided it’s time to launch Influence Grid on Product Hunt today.

Thanks to all the feedback and support of the Indie Hackers community in helping me get it to this point!

You can check it out live on Product Hunt here: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/influence-grid

Tech changes since the MVP:

  • annual plans
  • see influencer emails (when available)
  • showing a count of results before search
  • similar influencer stats on the profile
  • email newsletter sign up
  • increase page speed from around 50 to  around 80 (seems to vary a lot)
  • added a pricing page

Marketing since the MVP:

  • cold emailing industry journalists (1 article and hopefully a couple more coming)
  • SEO link building in startup directories etc
  • setting up social profiles (although not posting much yet)- researched press releases, Product Hunt marketing, cold email marketing

Next steps:

  • continue cold emails and link building
  • write and send a press release (no idea if this have any effect)- create detailed YouTube videos on how to use the product
  • track historical trends for influencers
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