October 14, 2019

Fixed our First 1 AM-on-a-Sunday Bug

Henrique Spotorno @hspotorno

This is it, everybody. There is no coming back now. After over a year of developing products that failed to get traction, we finally got a product that is being used in real-life scenarios. Insights (https://getinsights.io) receives bug fixes requests which are both urgent and coming from a different time zone. This one happened to be an easy fix, luckily, so everything was good to go for Monday morning.

I know this is a weird milestone to celebrate, but here's the thing: I've been interested in the startup lifestyle for a while now. Reading about it I knew it was often romanticized - late nights, fixing a product right before a presentation, coding on the airplane on the way to meet an investor...

But for me, since quitting my job a year ago, none of that was really true. Yes, I would work late on a weekend, but I knew it was only because I wanted to do so - there was no reason for me to push myself. No users, no companies, no urgency would drive me. I would end up telling myself: I could keep pushing myself to finish everything now, or I could do everything tomorrow. Or the day after. It didn't make a difference.

Things are different now. There is a sense of urgency, a weight that I can't quite explain. I'm still doing everything from my living room, and I don't feel that anything is different with me. But things have changed.

May they continue to do so.

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