What is jukeBOX 🤔

JukeBox is for live music events, our live streaming service helps fans listen to their favorite musicians and gives them the ability to send them virtual gifts (money), unlike all the other western streaming services (Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal), with JukeBox musicians can receive gifts from their fans instantly, instead of their waiting on their quarterly streaming royalties.

I created JukeBox to help live events reach new attendees by audio live streaming their booked talent. I am currently looking for people who are inspired by this mission to help me build this project.

This live streaming service increases future attendance, improves attendee social engagement, and provides a custom dashboard of metrics about your audience.

We do this by:

  • Identifying & remarketing to new potential attendees
  • Allowing listeners to tip your booked talent and share the talent’s live sets
  • We collect data on each music festivals business goals

Due to the abundance of content and diversity of new sounds, music curators will become the most valuable attractions and the future of the music industry. In 2020, everyone will be able to listen to sets from their favorite music curator from anywhere in the world. After the curator is done performing, fans will be able to tip the curator. DJ Oreo will perform his set in Madison Square Garden and you will live stream it before you go out to eat in Austin. Our tool JukeBox helps curators receive direct patronage from global listening communities. Just as Gamers receive tips from gaming fanatics on Twitch. Music Curators will receive tips from their fans on JukeBox. JukeBox is the first product from Dot Interactive where we will are building experiences that will connect value to everyone, everywhere, and everything. As the world becomes more connected and our differences become magnified, art will be the bridge for peaceful cross-cultural interactions. JukeBox will be the tool that will bring like-minded strangers together through music.

If you have any suggestions I am looking forward to your comments below.

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