October 22, 2020

Made my first ever internet money!

Alex @alex_b_h

I've been on the indie hacker grind all this year. I've made three other products with zip to show for them:

And now, Just Launched which I spent two days on already has earned me $40!

So motivating!

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    Congrats!!! No idea how your building that fast but your doing awesome!

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      Thanks! Portabella truly outweighs the others in terms of effort.

      Howtoxwithy represents maybe 2 days all up. DeveloperMinute was two hours maybe. This latest one, Just Launched, was also about two days.

      Actually depressing when I look at the time sunk into Portabella, 30 upvotes on PH for that compared to ~80 for howtoxwithy and ~130 for Just Launched

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        Great reminder that effort does not correlate to traction in the market! I’m so often sucked in to thinking that the harder I work on something, the better reception it’ll get—your projects here is proof that isn’t true at all 🙃

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    Congrats! 🎉

    I remember my first real money I made online, I was making logos on 99designs and I won my first contest (I created logos and entered 63 contests without winning anything before that ). It was so exciting! 😊

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    Hi Alex , Congratulations with your launch ! I can relate to you since this week i sold my first service online too and it felt awesome!🥳

    Just to let you know that i tried your service and it worked like a charm , my product should be in the wait list now 😍. There's only one suggestion that i can make to you :) Once that i've decide to not skip the waitlist i can't find ( or at least i did not see it ) a way to change my mind and pay to get featured faster!

    Hope this can help

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      Thanks for submitting! The waitlist grew fast I know 😅

      I've added another option in the dropdown when you view your item to promote it. Thanks for the reminder!

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        Nice! I can see it now 💪 Btw congrats for the fast growing waitlist 🥳

        Can i ask you if you accept all kind of product or do you filter out some application based on some kind of requirement ? :)

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          Good q. I'd like to avoid curating if possible. But for now it's first come first served.

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    This is so cool! Congrats 🎉 I took a look at your other products and was both seriously impressed and surprised that they didn’t generate any revenue! You have a great eye for clear yet personality-infused design that I rarely see. Not to mention the monetization strategy for Just Launched is super clever. Can’t wait to see what else you get up to!

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      Thanks, I have never been complimented on my design skills but I'll take it!

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    Hey Alex, that's super awesome!

    Yet another success case of someone with multiple iterations hitting the first $. So stoked for you!

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      Thank you thank you! I'd kind of decided to take a break from indie hacking for the next month or so because I've been doing some long days for months now.

      But this has definitely spurred me on

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    Congrats, Alex! I'm familiar with "zip to show for them". Great to see hard work pays off, eventually! Keep it up!

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    Congratulations man! Keep it going!

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    Congrats! This feeling is so addicting. Enjoy it and keep building!

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      😄 feels so good!

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    Congratulation Alex! Wow, four products in this amount of time, that's awesome. I'm still working on my first, but I hope to get on your level one day!

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      Cheers Diego! Just a normal developer who had time and then a few ideas!

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    Very cool idea Alex! I love these simple projects that immediately bring in revenue. Where did you promote Just Launched?

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      Product Hunt primarily (https://www.producthunt.com/posts/just-launched-2), it did better than I could have ever imagined.

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    This is really cool. Congrats.

    Randomly I made a chrome extension with the same name.

    Its actually the opposite to your Just Launched. It has the aim that you never miss a product launch no matter how big or small.

    I never really promoted it though.

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      Hmm, yeah, I'm not concerned if you're not. Only so many names in this world. That looks pretty sweet though. Is launch feed also your product?