September 20, 2020

Perseverance and random dev notes

Mauro @onipot

And here it comes the tough part. Major features have been developed, along with frontend optimizations. Now it's time to make some promotion and start business related stuff.

It will be a challenge.. but I want to make it. Going to find some books and pro-tips that may help me with the promoting stuff.

Perseverance, why? I won't like this part of the process with 90% chance, so.. I will need it, ton of it.

Wish me luck!

Dev notes
I was looking for a simple, smart setup to handle new features integration and I came up with:

  • git repository with 2 branches, one for production code and the other for development
  • remotes: k-stash webserver (push only), github (push+pull)
  • vscode: gitlens (auto push after commit), php syntax, laravel syntax extensions

When it's time to make new features go live in production, I just merge the dev branch with the master.. and that's it! No ftp, everything's tracked, you can revert changes, more people can easily work on, etc...

Today's Top Milestones
  • $250,000 in mentor payouts!
    It's a bit crazy to even think about, but I ran the numbers today and had to get into some pretty old payment accounts – but looks like with this mont
  • Sent "Building Relationships" Email
    Yesterday I sent the second email to the SaaS Manual list. It now has 705 subscribers 🎉 This email covered the importance of building relationships w
  • Just got featured!
    We're incredibly happy to say that Panelbear just got featured on Product Hunt! This is an important milestone for us as I it marks the transition fro
  • Launch on ProductHunt
    We launched Channels on ProductHunt. Hopefully it's going to bring a significant traffic boost, as well as, many people who'll leave valuable feedback
  • Added RSS support
    Other We added RSS support: instead of rendering only an HTML page from a template, we render also an XML file in RSS format. It helps with integratio
  • The weekly newsletter is live!
    Now that the article forum is live on the homepage for almost a month, and also a little traffic finds it started to make sense to pick th