November 20, 2019

Secured 10 Pre-launch customers! :D

Praveen Telu @praveentelu

In October 2019, I've published a pre-launch offer of a 50% discount on all our plans (for life) and started reaching out to my prospects on Facebook.

The goal is to secure my first 10 paying customers even before launching my service, to make sure the value proposition is valid before I spend time and energy on setting up a team.

It worked! People started seeing the value in the service offering and the pre-launch discount attracted them to take action and secure their spot.

Today, I signed up my 10th paid pre-launch customer and we're set to launch Kaitsta on Dec 2nd :)

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    you really should put a direct link to your website here to drive traffic to it and get feedback. Thats the goal right?

    1. 1

      Hey @combition, yup. I'm sorry I forgot the link.

      Would love your feedback.

      Thank you.