November 30, 2020

November Sales Hit $6819

Phil Spilsbury @philspil66

2020 has been a pretty bad year for this business.

Our main suppliers moth-balled their business back in the March UK Lockdown and didn't really reboot and are still more or less closed now.

So we made the strategic decision to hold onto all the stock we had back in March and keep it to sell through October-December when we knew we traditionally got better prices for our products.

So a hard decision to make to moth-ball our business for over six months but it was the best way to get the most of what we had.

Well, this month we've finished the month on $6819 in sales which is pretty much our best month ever, so it looks like the decision paid off and is helping us salvage something from the year.

So the lesson is I guess always think longer-term rather than short-term if you can.

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