July 3, 2020

Soft Pivot to Magic Invite Links

Richard @richardesigns

##Do you onboard users?

Eliminate the friction from your onboarding with DID.app's magic invite links.

If you have a waitlist, onboard teams or your users collaborate in their accounts we can help.

We have a limited number of trials ready to use DID.app's new magic invite links.

Check out the magic invite links docs here and email me personally if you'd like to get started: [email protected]

##Magic Invite Link Use Cases


One click sign up via email. What better way to supercharge your conversion rate from waitlist to user?

Magic invite links are single use and both 'sign up' and 'sign in' the user.

###Team Members

Your colleague signs up to example,com and wants all their co-workers to jump onboard.

Well now they can in just one click.

Use DID.app's API to automate magic invite links.

We're working with an b2b ecommerce app in Brazil to onboard team members.

###Collaboration & review

User A wants to share their work with User B but User B isn't registered in your application yet.

With a magic invite link, User B is not only signed up with one click but is automatically sent to the page of content being shared.

We're working with a VC engagement platform in California to improve collaboration and review with magic invite links.

###Family and Friends

Magic invite links are a great way to onboard family and friends to your application for easy sharing.

We're working with an electric car charging service in India to implement easy family sharing.

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