November 27, 2019

$1,000 revenue this month!

Danielle Johnson @dinkydani

The last couple of months were kinda crazy with a few big press mentions, our v2 launch, and several interview features. These things all helped us to make a huge $2,129 in revenue!

We knew it would be difficult to beat that this month as things settled back down to normal but we are super happy to have just hit $1,000 for November so far! As always, you can see our stats on our open page.

To reach "ramen profitability" we need to be making ~$2000 per month.

Stats for Ramen Profitability

I've actually just worked out the numbers...

The last few months our costs have been an average of 13% of our revenue.

October costs were 12% our revenue - $257.32 on expenses and $71 on planting trees.

September costs were 10.5% of revenue - $159.97 on expenses and $44 on planting trees.

August costs were 18% of revenue - $81.07 on expenses and $11 on planting trees.

To sustain ourselves we need €1500 (EUR) which is ~$1650. This means we need $1650 + 13% = $1864.5 to live, plus a little extra for security, making my estimate of $2k pretty accurate!

We show our daily revenue on our open page, so to reach this goal we would need to be making $62.15 each day. This seems super achievable, and we will hopefully get there soon as we grow our monthly subscription revenue from our Teams customers!

Cost of living

This is for 2 people (myself and my partner James) usually spending 6 months travelling around SE Asia and 6 months in low cost European cities like Berlin, Lisbon, and Budapest.

We budget €50 per day for the both of us which includes everything; accommodation, food, drink, motorbike rental, taxis, laundry, visa extensions, flights etc.

We have no trouble sticking to this, but we usually spend a little extra on things like scuba diving.

If you'd like to see our expenses for the last 3 years I track them all in spreadsheets:

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