October 30, 2019

Finally wrote about how we built our open page!

Danielle Johnson @dinkydani

Blog post 👉 How We Share All of Our Company Stats and Metrics Publicly

I get a lot of questions about our open page; how we built it, where the data comes from, and why we share our revenue. This blog post has been on my list for a long time and I've finally written it!

We've always shared everything we can about Leave Me Alone from the very beginning. We had our open page before we had any revenue to show on it 😅.

Some people say it's just a marketing trick, and there's no denying that it helps us - being open and transparent is part of our brand and although not totally unique, it is still quite rare in the startup world. I am an extrovert and I love sharing absolutely everything about Leave Me Alone. I hated when working on previous projects where I would want to tweet something and would have to think twice about how that was going to "look" and reflect on the company. Now I just talk openly about everything going on both with myself and my product and it feels GOOD!

Anyway, this is an overview of what goes into our open page, the stats we collect, and the information we share. If you'd like a more in-depth and technical post about how it's coded then please comment or DM me and I'll write a tech blog about it :)


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