December 3, 2020

New Brand!

Danielle Johnson @dinkydani

Hey IH, it's been a while since I last posted an update about Leave Me Alone. We've all had a pretty crazy year and I kind of dropped off social media for most of the summer. Sorry about that! However, James and I were still working hard on Leave Me Alone and last month we released our new homepage with a brand new look and improved on-boarding flow!

#1 New Brand

We felt like it was time for Leave Me Alone to have a slightly more professional feel but we still wanted it to be fun and friendly at the same time. To us, this meant getting rid of the emoji logo, designing most of our own illustrations with a fun twist, removing nearly all of the emojis from our landing page, and sharing more social proof.

This image shows the Leave Me Alone landing page hero

Our new logo is still an envelope but the emoji is gone! It feels good to have a real logo for Leave Me Alone after 2 years :)

This image shows the Leave Me Alone logo

We kept it fun and friendly by using the Kawaii style in our illustrations (aka all of our illustrations have cute faces ^_^) and choosing a header/accent font that was a little swirly and different!

This image shows 3 steps to unsubscribe: 1. connect accounts, 2. wait a moment while we find your newsletters, 3. start unsubscribing!

The color scheme is the same with a couple of little tweaks; we changed our button colors from bright/angry red to a more friendly/happy yellow, and changed our border colors from red or pink to a softer grey.

James in particular worked really hard designing all of our new illustrations and we are both so happy with the result! I think it really brings the product together.

I mean how cute are our trees!?!

This image shows our trees illustration; 3 triangular trees with Kawaii faces

#2 New On-boarding

We also completely overhauled our on-boarding process to make some of our more complicated flows (like connecting Gmail accounts) much easier to follow.

This image shows our new onboarding step 1 with instructions on how to connect an account

The main things that we have changed are:

Intelligent account connection

We created an intelligent account connection process that removes almost all of the manual process of connecting most accounts. You just enter your email address and password and we select the settings you need to connect. This replaces the old process of selecting the account type (e.g. Yahoo) and having to find and enter the host and port which are nearly always the same.

Step-by-step guides

Connecting a Gmail account to Leave Me Alone is pretty simple but it has 3 steps you need to follow. We were seeing quite a lot of users signing up with Gmail but never completing on-boarding because this process was too complicated. We now have instructions with screenshots and arrows to guide you through each step, and an "ask for help" button always visible to chat with us if you get stuck.

Moving unsubscribed emails

We can now move your unsubscribed emails to a folder! This is something our customers have been asking about for a while and it's finally here! If you want to enable this you can do during the on-boarding process.

At the moment this is only available to new Leave Me Alone accounts but we're working on making it available to everyone soon (super sorry about this please bear with us!). And we are adding a way to move all of your previously unsubscribed mail to a folder so that you can go into your mailbox, select all, and delete forever if you wish!

This image shows our new onboarding step 2 where you select the languages you speak and choose a folder to move unsubscribed mail to


Ok so we're up-to-date now! We're currently working on another big asked-for feature: ROLLUPS! Yep that's right, Rollups are coming to Leave Me Alone!

Rollups lets you bundle all of your mailing lists into one email sent weekly to minimise your distractions. You can create multiple Rollups for different types of mailing lists and you can choose when you receive your digest email.

It's still a work in progress but here's a sneak peak at how it's coming along...

This image shows our new Rollups feature showing 4 mailing lists with a preview of their content

We are hoping to have Rollups ready for our first beta test before Christmas 😱 so if you'd like to help us test please let me know!!

If you'd like to know when Rollups are ready you can add your email to this Airtable here and we'll email you when Rollups go live!

Stay safe y'all :)

  1. 3

    Hi Danielle - this new branding is great. It makes unsubscribing feel like fun instead of like a chore. I plan on joining tomorrow as "clean out your subscriptions" has been on my list too long. A question about rollups, will you be able to choose how often you receive your rollups or will once a week be the only option? Great work!

    1. 1

      That's awesome to hear! If we can make something boring be a little bit fun then that sounds good to me :D. Let me know how your cleaning spree goes!

      To answer your question about Rollups - to keep it simple and ship it more quickly once a week will be the only option to start with but you will be able to choose which time of the day to receive your rollup (morning, lunch, evening).

      We will add more option for how often you receive your Rollup in the future (think daily, twice weekly, monthly etc) but only once we've figured out if people will pay for our new feature! MVP first then build on it, right? :D

  2. 3

    So cute haha! Amazing job on the rebranding, feels very friendly yet still professional. The new on-boarding and rollup features are impressive too.

    Hope you see a well deserved uptick in conversions

    1. 2

      Thank you so much! We've been keeping an eye on the stats and around 40-50% of signups complete onboarding, and around 10% convert to paid each day. Before the new process I think it was also around 40% but we are definitely seeing more payments and more people recommending Leave Me Alone (on Twitter for example) so it seems positive so far!

  3. 2

    Wow! The new branding looks superb. It's actually quite fun to watch and the new features are really interesting too. Will be definitely keeping an eye on Rollups. Good luck for the future.

    1. 1

      Thank you for your kind words! We had a lot of fun designing it and I still absolutely love looking at it every day :)
      If you would like to know when Rollups are ready you can add your email to this Airtable form I just made here :)

  4. 2

    Beautiful and original, great job 🤩 Love the attention to details. Really makes the product stand out and look professional.

    1. 2

      Wow thank you so much!! I really think we've found a good balance between serious and fun :D

  5. 1

    Hey Danielle, James,

    I have mistakenly closed the tab while we are talking. So I wanted to type here. I'll look forward to affiliate program. It may help me and you at the end. I'll come back later.

    Merry christmas, and stay safe!

  6. 1

    Hey @dinkydani can I just say you have done an absolutely fantastic job on the website design! The colours, cuteness of the illustrations, messaging and placement of the content is all really good.

    Got a question: How did you come up with the pricing model? For similar products I've also seen it as a flat monthly pricing but the credits pricing is different.

    On another note, I am going to be shameless here. I see that you support One Tree Planted from your website footer which is fantastic. Would you be interested in supporting my social venture We Care Social , we work on behalf of founders like yourself to help charities all over the world build their websites for free!

    You can continue to work on your business while we work on your behalf to help the charities with their websites.

    So far we have 17 founders supporting us and have helped four charities in India, UK and Netherlands saving them over $5130 collectively, the money saved is redirected to the charities core mission.

    How can you help We Care Social? We request you follow us either in LinkedIn or Twitter where we share our updates and after 3 months if you find our work credible you can contribute $20/year (entirely optional) which will help us continue the good work.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in this social impact initiative. Would love to have you onboard.

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