October 11, 2019

On the IH podcast!!!!

Danielle Johnson @dinkydani

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of talking to @csallen on Indie Hackers very own podcast! This is the first podcast I have ever been a guest on, and I was kinda nervous, but Courtland made me feel super relaxed - his voice is so calming!

We had a really interesting conversation about learning from past mistakes, building in the open, the importance of sharing failure, and imposter syndrome.

We had some technical issues (ahem, internet in Bali I am looking at you...) which meant I had to hop on my scooter and drive to a friends house to record 😅, but that's the ways of nomad life sometimes - seriously you can't make this shit up!

This is a huge life milestone for me, and I am so, so happy that I have faced my fears and entered the world of podcasting. It's scary to be put on the spot and answer questions you may not have been prepared for. I've come a really long way from actively avoiding video calls a couple of years ago, to interviewing people on a live stream and accepting podcast invitations.

I'm proud of myself and I really hope you enjoy the episode 🙂


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