October 11, 2019

On the IH podcast!!!!

Danielle Johnson @dinkydani

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of talking to @csallen on Indie Hackers very own podcast! This is the first podcast I have ever been a guest on, and I was kinda nervous, but Courtland made me feel super relaxed - his voice is so calming!

We had a really interesting conversation about learning from past mistakes, building in the open, the importance of sharing failure, and imposter syndrome.

We had some technical issues (ahem, internet in Bali I am looking at you...) which meant I had to hop on my scooter and drive to a friends house to record 😅, but that's the ways of nomad life sometimes - seriously you can't make this shit up!

This is a huge life milestone for me, and I am so, so happy that I have faced my fears and entered the world of podcasting. It's scary to be put on the spot and answer questions you may not have been prepared for. I've come a really long way from actively avoiding video calls a couple of years ago, to interviewing people on a live stream and accepting podcast invitations.

I'm proud of myself and I really hope you enjoy the episode 🙂


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    Congrats for facing your fears!

    You sounded super natural and it was awesome to hear more about how LMA was started/validated.

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      Thanks Steph! The live stream was a really good confidence boost and a bit of preparation for talking about stuff 😅. So glad you enjoyed it!

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    Just listened to the episode!

    I didn’t know you paid so much attention to privacy. It’s very impressive you don’t store my emails in your database, just in my local storage. I would find a way to explain that to non-technical people and double down on it.

    Congrats! Love the product.

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      Thanks for listening!

      Yeah! Privacy is at the core of Leave Me Alone ☺️. Great suggestion, we have some stuff on the home page but it's hard to explain to non-technical people since most of them aren't even sure where emails are stored in the first place :(

      Will definitely think about this though!

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    Well done. Enjoyed the podcast. Looking forward to the future of Leave Me Alone! Cheers form Belgium =)

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      Thanks Ely! I'm looking forward to the future too!

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    Thank you for sharing this Danielle! I'm so happy for the launch of Leave Me Alone App. Not forgetting James as well! You both were so awesome! Happy to listened to the podcast interview. Congratulations!!!!!! Much love from Singapore.

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      Thank you Fajar! I couldn't do this without my partner in crime @jivings, but they only do podcast episodes with one founder so I got to do the scary part! :D

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    you did great @dinkydani. My fav part was the end bit - there does seem to be a lot of focus around success stories and milestones and not enough on the lows and coping with the down times. Creating the insta/facebook effect of seeing only the highlights of a journey... I don't think overall that creates a realistic representation of an entrepreneur's journey.

    Wish you lots of success going forward! Keep it real.

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      Thanks so much! You're totally right there really is a bit too much focus on success. It's great to share and celebrate success, but it's important to share the failures and mistakes that lead to that success too, or that lead to learning more about how to succeed in the future.

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    Same thing with video calls.
    I was doing my best to avoid them before -- and not only video calls, but phone calls, too. And was just generally trying to avoid people... 😂

    After working as a manager though (for a couple of years) I've become pretty comfortable with oral communication. In fact, my colleagues now highlight my good soft skills in their assessments!
    So I guess this problem is indeed treated with practice. Having good soft skills also helps with job interviews and sales, aside from just lowering your overall anxiety level -- we're living among people, anyway. You can't isolate yourself... And it's a good thing.

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      Totally agree! I think most people hate video calling and stuff, it's just something you get better at with practice - you just have to put yourself out there!

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    Happy you didn’t tell Courtland to Leave You Alone. 😄

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    Congrats Danielle!

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    Really enjoyed the interview, great work - keep it up!

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      Ty so much for listening

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    Congrats, really awesome!

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    Great interview!

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      So glad you enjoyed it!

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    This was such a great episode, Dani - keep up the great work!

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    Nice interview! Hope to hear more in the future 🤙🏻

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      Thank you! I'll be saying yes to any more that come my way now

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    That’s great! I’m going to go and give it a listen.

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      Thanks Shane! I hope you liked it :)