November 4, 2019

20 users signed up ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Jules Maregiano @julesmaregiano

And just from those signups I got very valuable feedback:

90 visitors come on LeClapClub,
20 of them signed up,
5 created rooms,
1 actually connected his profile,
and 0 content received even 1 like...

So I thought: Ok, I need to make the funnel wayyy more simple. From the front door to within the room. What I did:

  • Add meta data so the link makes you want to click.
  • Add signup directly on the room so you don't risk losing yourself.
  • There was already a (simple) onboarding but I redesigned the screens so the info is always available.
  • I reorganized the tabs in the navbar so that it's in the same order than the steps users have to take: Profiles > Rooms > Content.
  • I was also more explicit about who does the liking who gets liked by adding 3 modes:
    "Free" mode where anyone can like/get liked by anyone.
    "Admin" mode where the admin picks who like/gets liked.
    "Supporter" mode where everyone likes the content of the admin and that's it.

My code is also cleaner so it's faster to change stuff. Next steps are:

  • Setting up a clean tagging plan with Google Tag Manager so I understand users better.
  • Improving the onboarding: Making a short screencast of how to get setup might help a lot.
  • Fixing a few bugs.

It feels great sharing my updates here. I created a IndieHacker room so that we can help out each other there. Check it out now (and how metadata are lloking gooood ;p) -Jules

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