December 8, 2019

Reached 100 users today!

Jules Maregiano @julesmaregiano

Super proud to say that LeClapClub's beta has reached 100 signed up users! Among them a whole company had its 30+ employees signup!! They are now getting 30 likes on all their company LinkedIn posts and Tweets.

Getting their Head of Growth as a user has allowed me to speak with an early adopter and make the features he needed:

  • Manual mode: This way the admin of a room can click "Clap" after he posts something and everyone will clap it right after publication. This is a powerful green line to these social networks telling them to get that content in top of the feed of as many people as possible.

  • Multiple admins: Since he didn't wanted to be the only one to be able to click "Clap". It took this opportunity to also allow an admin to kick a user out of a room.

Since my last milestone I also worked on invisible yet important back-end improvements:

  • Better algorithm for fetching & liking content.
  • Fixed bug on search bar.
  • Better UI (I showed info that was lacking and hid unnecessary stuff).

TO-DO: Today I'll work on the public pages. Hopefully making a better homepage and adding 3 "use-case" pages so that visitors instantly get the value proposition and perhaps a bit of SEO too.

You too get reach on your apps' content by joining our IndieHackers' room:

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    Congrats, man!!! :) Best of luck!

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      Thanks for the support Mikolaj!

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