October 17, 2019

Launched in 20 states


In the last month, we've had a good deal of demand from uncovered states. After working through insurance regulatory hoops we're proud to say we're live in TX, FL, PA, and 17 other states.

California & Colorado are coming soon.

Good news is that Spot provides world-wide coverage, so once you have it, you're good anywhere but active war zones.

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    Congrats @nabilrahman . Have you marketed it to sport event organizers? It could be an additional revenue generator for organizers and also helps you reach more athletes .

Today's Top Milestones
  • Finished MVP 🏗
    Having a full-time job, friends, and girlfriend that I want to spend time with, it took me 1 month to finish the beta version of this project. I chose
  • Over $3k in revenue this month
    Over $3k in revenue this month from our new product - things.morflax.com 🥳And it was only pre-release! - Sold over 90-lifetime deals - $3k revenue -
  • Karmabot.chat weekly update, week 129
    MRR: US$23.2k up 4% vs. Jan Paying teams: 296 up 5% vs. Jan - Designed onboarding update - Tested free-to join Connect room (similar to Clubhouse), ne
  • $10k in our first month
    In our first month, we've gained 45 paying students, with $10,048 of transactions. We're happy with the start we've made. Students and tutors seem sat
  • Expanding the team
    Our goal for the year is to be a viable, sustainable company. In order to accomplish this goal, we need help. It can't just be two of us co-founders.
  • Implemented license validation for the API
    This major milestone was difficult to achieve but is now complete. I'm so happy. The API uses Gumroad license keys for validation and reacts according
  • Our Indie Hackers Interview Goes Live!
    Our team at Speak Ai are huge fans of Indie Hackers. So, we were pleasantly surprised when their team reached out to us for an interview and feature.
  • Launched!
    Today I put up my website, and started sharing it with friends and other groups. This is an extremely quick and dirty MVP. I'll see if I get any sign-
  • Launched Marketing Page
    The app itself is making good progress, but I wanted to get a place up where I can send those who are interested in being my guinea pigs. I'd original
  • MyChat + Asterisk = Done!