December 21, 2019

Wow! New engine and more updates of December!

Alex Makiev @axdigital

This month we decided that our year was pretty hot! And we update so much of our infrastructure and UI, UX, and much more.

— We create the blog, wow, it sounds boring in 2020, but for us, it's too exciting! Now we can write our case studies and about each live session and updates, uhh!

— We did AMP (Google) for the blog and Turbo pages (Yandex) for blog posts, so it's fast and without, but Search Engines loves that and give us more SEO traffic at ours another blog (

— For, we did PWA (Progressive Web Application), and it's loading even if you haven't an internet connection. But it still needs a connection for checking the speed of your website.

— Also some small issue with interfaces

— And some insights from 1000+ Hotjar sessions we already up on site

— We took hat Santa and put it on the main button "Check"

— FCP and FID now part of our checks. It's a First Contentful Paint and First Input Delay, also we checking every page on Lazy load and if it hasn't we'll write about it.

— we were every Monday and Friday live on Youtube, Periscope, Facebook, Vk, Ok, Twitch...

— and yep, it's steel jibberish for you if you, not a Russian, and yes in 2020 we'll do it on more than 20 languages.

Thank you! Check the speed of your sites and speed up it for a great experience of yo clients!

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