February 20, 2020

New Ad Strategy. My First Sponsored Blog Post!

Michael Bruny-Groth @mbrunygroth

I’ve tried the traditional paid ads channels — Facebook, Google, Youtube, and even Reddit. Believe it or not, my highly niched product for logo designers actually did reasonably well on the r/logodesign and r/Graphic_Design. People were even writing positive things in the comments on my ad, hahaha.

Anyway, spending $5k on paid ads and getting like 4 sales didn’t really seem like a good ROI, what do you think ;)

The sales tactic that had grown my Illustrator Extension into a 5-figure business in 9 months was affiliate marketing. I’d get a design influencer with a great blog on board, and I’d get 30 new sales straight away!

I decided that learning how to be a paid ads guru wasn’t really worth my time. Spinning a strategy that was already working by starting to pay for sponsored blog posts and newsletter mentions seemed a better path to start on.

I found an offshoot of BuySellAds for creatives called Syndicate Ads and got my first promoted post up on Onextrapixel yesterday.

The submission and feedback process was pretty painless. It’s early days with this promotion, so I’ll be back to let you all know how it turns out.

Who has had success with this type of marketing?

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