January 13, 2021

Covered hosting & management costs for first year

Will Buckingham @willbuckingham

It's going to be a while before the newsletter can pay me anything like an income, but in the first ten days since the launch of my online newsletter course (on the paid membership tier), I've covered my hosting and management costs (mainly Digital Ocean hosting, Zapier integration etc.) for the first year.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Update 125: +3 customers
    1. What we worked on last week and how well did we achieve our goals? ✅ Added 3 new customers for +$149 ✅ 1 sales call with qualified lead 2. What we’
  • Added a Block Function
    Cheaters in any game are annoying. In Pidro a cheater is considered a person who is about to loose a game, leave it before the score is calculated. I
  • Brandkey's Beta Site Just Launched.
    We've just launched our brand new beta site. Go visit it at https://www.brandkey.io and sign up for our upcoming beta's. We'll be slowly inviting peop
  • Booked a demo with a CPO
    We initiated a series of blog posts and posted the links in various communities where our target personas (namely Product Managers, Customer Support a
  • Finished MVP 🚀
    First, started to look for tools for Web Development. As an experienced Mobile Developer, I haven't finished any web projects until today. I have used
  • Launched the Landing Page and Promo Video
    Last week's work is finally live! The landing page is just the simplest version of an LP I could think of, so that I can start collecting leads. I've
  • 2nd Milestone
    Hello testingHello testingHello testingHello testingHello testingHello testing HeHello testingngHello testing Hello testingHello testingHello testingH
  • Launched Private Access Period & 4 Customers
    This took a lot longer than we thought it would (by about 1.5 months) but it was worth the extra effort to ensure Churnkey was secure enough to transf
  • Launched first version 🎉
    I'm so excited to share the first version of tabExtend, the browser extension is now approved in Chrome store, Edge add-ons and Firefox add-ons! Last
  • Growing team and 3,300+ users
    Happy New Year 2021! We've started nicely by recruiting a couple of people to join our team, starting in February 2021. This is great, as it'll allow