March 28, 2020

Our Developer API is in public beta!

Jen @lunchbag

Two months ago (on Jan 31), I sent out the first batch of emails to about 30 users who registered interest in a developer API. Since then, another ~40 users expressed interest in joining the closed beta.

After lots of feedback and continuous iteration, today we are finally out of closed beta! Anyone who is a Lunch Money user can get a developer API token and start developing tools or plugins.

It's been fulfilling to see other developers build on top of Lunch Money. So far, we have 4 open-sourced plugins and three of them involve syncing with financial institutions outside of US/Canada. A few others are readying to be open-sourced!

I'm feeling confident that creating a developer API was the right move in terms of growth and longevity for the product. Hopefully the ecosystem of Lunch Money add-ons keeps growing!


  1. 1

    Nice! I've been considering opening up the api for my product. Any learnings or difficulties from your experience that one should look out for?

    1. 2

      Great question! I think the best thing you can do is making sure you have the demand and understanding why people want an API. I had an interest intake form that asked specifically what one would want to build on our API. From this, it was easy to figure out what endpoints would meet 90%+ of use cases to roll out an MVP. Continuous iteration and feedback cycles from then on will ensure a successful private beta. Hope that helps, if you have any specific questions, feel free to reach out!

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