December 11, 2019

Got my first several customers!

Mark Thomas Miller @Zeph

MageTools now has a handful of paying customers! I don't know any of them personally; I like this because they're buying out of an actual need rather than just being a good friend.

Here's what's going well:

  • My customers are passionate about the product. The most common comments are that they love the speed and design. Even their "criticisms" are very positive and constructive.
  • This morning, I pushed a big new update: it includes an HTML attribute editor (video here), better support on mobile widths, and an option to toggle MageTools from your right click menu.
  • The landing page has gotten a lot of compliments. A lot of people like the hero video and say it explains the product well.
  • I'm slowly gaining followers by sharing previews on Twitter. I mainly create videos with Mac's built-in screen recorder (Command + Shift + 5) and then trim them in Quicktime.
  • I love working on the product. (A huge benefit of choosing a nice/simple tech stack!)

Things not going so well:

  • Marketing. There are a lot of days where I write posts, share things on social, connect with potential users, etc. but feel like I get nothing done because there's no feedback mechanism. This is by far my biggest headache right now.
  • If I want to make this a sustainable business, it's going to take a lot more effort. That mountain of work can be intimidating!
  • I've realized that even the simplest feature additions have a ripple effect of creating more work across the entire application. For instance, adding support on mobile widths means that I need to remember the mobile UI for every future feature! So I need to reject certain (very simple) feature requests because they'd make the product exponentially harder to maintain in the future.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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